About the company

Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Limited (MMFSL) started its journey in the rural non-banking finance industry around two decades ago. In this journey, MMFSL has taken rapid strides empowering millions of ambitious individuals with personal finance for owning vehicles, home, and other requirements that help people live their dream life and lifestyle. MMFSL’s business model is very simple. The company considers sanctioning loans to customers based on their future earning capacity and not their current financial status. This has helped build confidence in the minds of rural and semi-urban India to believe that no dream is too big. MMFSL is one of India’s leading non-banking finance companies touching more than 3 million lives.

Features and benefits – Corporate Fixed Deposits

* The MMFSL Fixed Deposit has a Crisil rating of 'FAAA', which indicates a high level of safety

Cumulative and non-cumulative FD options available

FDs provide 0.25% additional rate for senior citizens

FDs provide 0.35% additional interest for all Mahindra Group employees and their relatives

Interest Rates

Cumulative Scheme

Rates effective Oct 03, 2016:

Minimum Amount (Rs). Period (Months) Amount Payable(Rs.) Interest*/‡ p.a. Effective Yield p.a.**
5000 12 5,395 7.90% 7.90%
18 5,616 8.00% 8.21%
24 5,832 8.00% 8.32%
36 6,307 8.05% 8.72%
48 6,815 8.05% 9.08%
60 7,364 8.05% 9.45%

(Source: www.mahindrafinance.com)

Non-Cumulative Scheme

Period (Months) Interest p.a.*#/‡(Half Yearly) Interest p.a.*#/‡(Quarterly)
12 7.75% 7.65%
24 7.85% 7.75%
36 7.90% 7.80%
48 7.90% 7.80%
60 7.90% 7.80%
Minimum Amount (Rs.) 25000 50000

(Source: www.mahindrafinance.com)


  • Rates effective Oct 03, 2016
  • Note: *Senior Citizen will get an additional rate of 0.25% p.a. for Cumulative, Non-cumulative Schemes
  • ‡Employees/Employees’ relatives will get an additional rate of 0.35% p.a. (all Mahindra Group Company Employees). Government approved relationship proof documents to be furnished. Employee must be the second applicant.
  • †Additional amount will be accepted in multiples of Rs. 1,000/-
  • # Half-Yearly Interest Payment on September 30 and March 31 and Quarterly payment happens on June 30, September 30, December 31, and March 31. All payments are only through NECS/NEFT.
  • The minimum investment amount for Mahindra Group employees/relatives will be Rs.1000 and multiples of Rs.500 thereafter.
  • **Compounded Annually
How to invest in Corporate Fixed Deposits


You will receive a soft copy of your filled application form by email
Please send us these documents
- Signed Application form
- A cheque (amount mentioned in the application form)
- Other documents as given in the email
We will send the application forms, cheque & relevant documents to the respective company
The company will send the Fixed Deposit Certificates